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bookCoverYoung Analisa stands quietly in the late afternoon sun on the shore of Lake Michigan, preoccupied with the memory of an argument between her parents just shortly before their arrival to their vacation cottage: So begins Ron Teachworth’s short story Two Stones. So distracted is Analisa that at first she fails to hear a voice, and when she does is startled to find that the voice is that of a stone: “Don´t be afraid,” the stone tells her. “I am here for you to find. I have been waiting a long time. Please don´t be afraid.”

Reading between the lines of this entertaining story for young people, we detect the inner workings of the Self, the whole of who we are, with its fragile persona. The two stones become a metaphor for the young girl’s parents. Out of the depths of the Self comes native wisdom and insight, and for Analisa the teaching of the stones is the basic text of being in relationship with others. Ron Teachworth is a writer who tells stories of depth to and about young people.